Pace of Play Policy

Delgany Pace of Play Policy:

The Joint Club AGM  ( Fri. 4th Dec.2015)  adopted the motion that the Leinster Branch GUI “Pace Of Play Policy” be adopted.

Subsequent to this a “ Pace Of Play Committee” was set up to adapt the proposals  to suit our situation in Delgany. The five members of the committee are Kate Murphy, Angela Sterling, Frank McGee, Richard Cotter and Paul Hautz. All were present at the first meeting on Tuesday January  5th 2016. 

The fact that all players enjoy a round of golf that flows and does not involve constant waiting is our goal . We hope to see a new Delgany culture being supported by all.

It was decided to discuss two of the five  factors listed by GUI that cause problems with  the pace of play.

  1. Course Design;     If some aspects of the course are contributing to slow play , can this be rectified? We have a lot of suggestions from members. The matter will be taken up with Declan Egan,  chairperson of the Course Committee
  2. Player Etiquette;  a)   All players should be in the area near the Pro. Shop Ten Minutes  before they take their place on the Tee Box. They must be on the Tee Box  Five Minutes before teeing off.

b) Players’ caddy cars must be left in the correct place.

c) Players should move from the green to the tee box smartly. If needs be they can decide to use “ Ready Play”

d) All players should move towards their own ball, if safe to do so.

e) If you are unable to keep up with the players in front  and the players behind have caught up—call them through.

  These rules in operation from January 31st

Singles—should take about 3.50 to 4.00 hours

Fourballs-–Should take 4.00 to 4.10 hours

R&A Rules of Golf:

Rule 6-7 “The player must  play without due delay and in accordance with any pace of play guidelines  that the committee may establish”   also

“Between completion of a hole and playing from the next teeing ground, the player must not unduly delay play.

The “Pace of Play” Committee has decided to request the members to observe the above rules. It is a necessary start and they cover most of our problems.

During the next few weeks play will be observed and a “Delgany Pace Of Play Policy” will be put together.

Pace of Play Committee

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