Repair YOUR pitch marks

Following very successful pole forking, sanding and re seeding the greens have recovered very well. The milder weather has also helped with growth.  The course staff have also very successfully eliminated the moss problem which had been a problem on some greens over the winter months.
However, pitch Mark repairs has now become a problem on the greens. The greens are now at a good standard after pole forking but it will be impossible to maintain this standard if members and guests do not repair pitch marks.  A no. of members have contacted the course committee re non repair of pitch marks, by some members.  I appreciate that some members repair several pitch marks but unfortunately there are others who do not repair any.  I would appeal to members if you want to maintain good greens pitch marks will have to be repaired.  To increase awareness in this area we are once again introducing the pitch Mark repair survey sheet.  This sheet will be handed out with your card from next weekend and the course committee would appreciate if all members would cooperate in filling this.  Please put sheet in box with your card.

To help with pitch Mark repairs a free pitch Mark repair tool will be handed out with your card next weekend.
The course committee will be monitoring the survey sheet results, and your vigilance and cooperation is required in this area.  Maintenance of good greens are the responsibility of all members.

Declan Egan – Chairman of Course

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