Course Update April 2022

We started our hollow coring operation on Sunday afternoon and closed the course to complete the coring exercise on Monday. We appreciate your patience. Hollow coring is a form of aeration, defined as mechanical treatment that sustains or increases the air space within the soil profile. Whilst all areas across a course benefit from aeration, including rough, fairways, tees, collars and approaches, it’s on the greens where a golfer’s experience is most disrupted in the pursuit of fast, firm, true and smooth surfaces.

Why aerate?

  1. Relieve compaction 2. Improve drainage
  2. Improve root development
    4. Promote healthy and strong grass growth
  3. Reduce and prevent the accumulation of thatch and organic matter content

This is the 2nd green after hollow coring (all cores re- moved and discarded) after the first sanding exercise followed by two brushing exercises. This will be repeated throughout the week. We appreciate our members patience through the necessary maintenance programme.


This is the procore machine we rented to extract the cores. Two fresh sets of tines are used in the pursuit of ensuring a clean extraction of the soil.


8th Hole The sand has gone into the upgraded bunker on the 8th last week.


16th Hole The irrigation programme is now completed on the 16.

We plan to complete the sodding of the last two bunkers early next week

10th Hole We are also hoping to get the sand into the bunkers on the 10th next week also.



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