Review of Governance and Strategic Planning

Review of Governance and Strategic Planning

In accordance with Golf Ireland’s recommendation for a One Club governance model for golf clubs the committee has commenced the process of reviewing the current governance model for Delgany. Many member-owned clubs in Dublin and Wicklow have already gone down this road and in a number of cases have fully implemented a One Club approach.

The main objective of our review is to improve efficiency in the running of the club and to facilitate strategic planning rather than being re-active to ongoing events, which most clubs tend to be.

Nothing in the review will affect members in terms of golf rights and privileges. It will focus on how we can ensure our club can be more effectively structured to meet the needs of members and provide a strong and future-proofed level of governance.

Golf Ireland is providing assistance to us in undertaking the review. The process will include one or more surveys of the members and we encourage active participation. We will take a gradual approach as our priority is to ensure we have the right model for our golf club.

The outcome is likely to involve changes to the club constitution and to the structure and responsibilities of club offices and committees. However, there will be consultation all through the pro-cess and you, the members will ultimately decide on any changes and we emphasise again there will be no impact on the way we currently enjoy golf.

Our Vice-Captains Tom and Betty have been designated by the Management Committee to co-ordinate the process and bring it to conclusion.

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