We are reaching out to Members who have not signed up to the Club’s Members Hub App, Called Club V1. We hope you will take the opportunity to download the app and register. The App, is feature rich and will become our central method of informing and communicating with our Members as it in- cludes :

The Club Competition Diary


Course Status – Realtime updated course status maintained by the Office and Greenkeeper. Latest News – Articles published by the Office become available, clicking the News shows the last ten News Items published.

Latest Competition Results – Maintained from closed competitions in ClubV1. We show either the Men’s, Ladies or Mixed event. Clicking on the Results will display all competition results back to 1st January, 2022

BRS – Facility to book via BRS. This utilizes the single sign on and automatically logs the member into BRS.(This facility will go live shortly)

Handicap Index – Your current handicap index

Handicap List – List of all Members, and their Handicap Index.

Handicap Certificate – Powered by HowDidIDo, it is current, can be printed or shown from your phone when needed.

View Statistics – Logs you directly into HDID to give a fantastic summary of your performance.



Membership – Account balance displays the members subscription balance.




Bar & Restaurant – Displays the till balance, selecting each line item displays the till receipt (This data is personal to you and cannot be seen by other members).

As can be seen this is a powerful facility for our Members whether you use a PC, Tablet or Smartphone it has great features to keep you informed.

Members can change their profile picture and contact details, by clicking on the photo place hold- er. Please upload a profile photo, it makes a difference.


The Dashboard is the landing page after you login, it displays a wealth of information in rela- tion to the Club, your account and your golf. Our systems talk to each other, for example, when the Competition Committee close a competition the results become instantly available on the Members Hub, your score is uploaded to Golf Ireland, HowDidIDo is updated and mail to Members issued. When you download the app and login using your HowDidIDo username and password

You can register your details. We encourage members to input some contact details so that they can be contacted by fellow members re timesheet and match issues. Even a photo helps other new members recognise you when they are on the timesheet with you. All data is only available to registered club members. Otherwise the only visible data on the system is all club members names and handicaps.

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