On Tuesday, 19th. July during a Ladies Competition there was thunder and lightning. The club Claxon was operated and everybody vacated the course.

It is important to remember the following tips / advice:

* If you’re on the course, and a storm hits, you must stop playing (mark your ball).

* Do NOT seek shelter under a tree. Lightning strikes the tallest objects.

* If you can, move to the clubhouse or another building near your location to find shelter indoors.

* Avoid contact with electrical devices and metal. This means do NOT seek shelter in the golf buggy, don’t touch your golf clubs, umbrella or mobile phone and stay away from met- al fencing.

* Do NOT lie on the ground.
* Don’t lean against stone or concrete walls
* Avoid water and find a low-lying open place which is far from trees and metal objects.

Remember, when a storm hits you must mark your ball, pause play and leave the course immediately. In our case, play resumed shortly afterwards and as this was a stableford competition players who did not mark their ball scratched the hole but were able to continue. Had it been a strokes competition players who did not mark their ball would have been disqualified and unable to continue.

Lady Captain Ann

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