Winter League 2023

Winter League Final

The Winter League Final was played on Sunday 26th March. It was a hard fought match with Team C “Donal Meehan” eventually winning out over Team D “Ian Barret” by 3 to 2.

Congratulations to the winning team.

Semi Final Result (Sunday 5th March)

Team C “Donal Meehan”  beat team F “John Gallagher” 4.5 / .5

Team D “Ian Barrett” beat Team A “Tom Bergin”. 3 / 2


Team Positions after Final Round
Team C Donal Meehan 837
Team D Ian Barrett 831
Team A Tom Bergin 816
Team F John Gallagher 815
Team E John Sweeney 812
Team J Michael Behan 807
Team H Fran O’Hara 802
Team I Shane O’Loughlin 795
Team B Paul Hautz 779
Team G Brian McGee 761
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Best individual scores after Final Round.

best 4 scores counting.

Congratulations to Peter O’Toole on a fantastic individual score of 113 points.


Best Gross, after final round

Congratulations to Junior Captain Cathan McCarthy on a fantastic Gross score of 50 points over the 10 rounds.

How it Works

Weekend Singles competitions (including Alternate days on Fridays) will be designated as qualifying for the winter league. You simply enter the competition on BRS and post your score as normal, before placing your card in the box ensure you write your team letter clearly on it, your score will then be entered for your team. If you don’t write your team on your card it will not be counted towards your team and cannot be added later.

You play as many of the 10 qualifying competitions as you can but you must commit to playing at least 4. Your best 4 scores will count as your contribution to the team. The scores of the best 8 players on each team will count towards the overall team score. If your team captain observes that you are not participating in the first 4 rounds he may panic and choose to replace you with a substitute player, so do get out early or if you can’t let your team captain know why.

The top 4 teams will compete in a semi final playoff on 5th March, unlike the qualifying rounds, Semi Finals and Final will be 4 Ball Matchplay your team captain will pick pairings. Even if you were not one of the top 8 to score on the team you will still have a chance to play.

The Final will be held on Sunday 26th March.

Best Gross Calculation

Each week 10 points will be awarded for 1st, 8 for 2nd, 6 for 3rd, 4 for 4th and 2 for 5th. All points accumulated by a player will be added to give their total regardless of how many weeks they have played. 

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