Dress Code

In the Clubhouse (including balconies):

1. Neat casual wear is acceptable. This includes:
Sports shirts with long or short sleeves (ladies may wear sleeveless with collar), Club or other jumper with shirt or polo neck.

2. At official Club functions (including major Prize giving events) it is requested that jacket, shirt and tie or polo neck be worn. Jacket and tie may be removed at the discretion of the Captain, Lady Captain or Officer of the Club in attendance.

3. Not permitted: tee-shirts, jeans, caps or hats, golf shoes, runners or training shoes. Shorts are not allowed in the dining or meeting rooms areas.

4. Tailored shorts, worn with sports socks, are permitted in the bar and balconies up to 7.30 pm.

5. Juniors: (a) Neat dress is essential at all times (shirts may not be worn outside trousers). Smart clean trainers/runners are acceptable. (b) At certain times and at the discretion of the Management Committee, an area may be set aside for use by Juniors when smart clean jeans, sport shirts and trainers will be acceptable but only in that specific area.

On the Course:

1. Golf shoes must have soft spikes and no other footwear is acceptable.

2. For Men: Slacks or tailored shorts, no shorter than upper knee length, may be worn with sports socks.

3. For Ladies: Slacks, knee length skirts or tailored shorts; no collarless shirts, sun tops, tank tops or t-shirts.

4. Trousers should not be tucked into socks. Jeans, track or leisure suits and football jerseys are not acceptable.

Any deviation from the above should be brought to the attention of Management Committee. Please note that Members are always responsible for their guests.