Use of Buggies

Buggy users are reminded that they should be driven responsibly with care and respect for your passenger, other golfers and the course.
The following etiquette should be observed at all times:
  • Use buggy paths where provided.
  • Drive in the rough only where Buggy paths are not provided,
  • To cross a fairway, observe the 90degree rule and cross before the red distance markers. No stopping on the fairways.
  • Keep your buggy at least 10 paces away from greens, tees and bunkers unless you are on a buggy path.
  • Never make sharp turns that may damage the grass or in any way endanger the occupants or others on the course or in the car park.
  • Never use the buggy to look for a ball by driving up and down the area.
  • Obey direction signs and roping that is designed to protect the course.
  • Drivers should be over 18 years of age.
  • Driving care must be observed at all times both on the course and car park.


In the interest of safety, or the condition of the course, the club may impose restrictions governing the use of a buggy on the course whenever, it deems appropriate to do so. This might apply to the whole or only part of the course. Among issues which may result in such restrictions are adverse weather conditions including wind, rain, water logging or frost.

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