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Welcome to Delgany Golf Club

Welcome to Delgany Golf Club and we hope that you will have many years of good golf and enjoyable social activity at our great Club. 

The ethos of Delgany Golf Club as a friendly, hospitable and family orientated golf club goes back to its foundation in 1908. The fine golfing tradition of Delgany Golf Club can be traced back to Saturday, 18th September 1909 when Harry Vardon, one of the great names in the history of golf, played an exhibition match against the Irish champion, Michael Moran. 

Delgany Golf Club is a unique blend of the old and new and has strong connections with both amateur and professional golf.  It is the only golf club worldwide to have produced four Ryder Cup players in Harry Bradshaw, Jimmy Martin, John O’Leary and Eamonn Darcy.   When the Ryder Cup came to Ireland for the first time in 2006 our strong links with this event continued when our member, Darren Reynolds, caddied for Paul McGinley, Ryder Cup Captain 2014.  Our current Club Professional, Gavin Kavanagh, was Captain of the Irish PGA in 2005/2006 and now serves on the board of the PGA of Great Britain and Ireland.

Over recent years our Golf Course and Clubhouse have been completely remodelled without losing their natural charm.  All the greens and surrounding areas as well as most of the tees have been rebuilt and are sand based to USGA specifications.

Your membership of Delgany Golf Club carries with it responsibility and this handbook is a guide to help you to understand the rules that govern your associate membership and to avoid possible misunderstandings which could otherwise arise. The Junior Committee which looks after your interests is keen to ensure that you enjoy your golf as much as possible.  Hopefully, this handbook and the diary will be of assistance to you in that regard. 

Best of luck and good golfing!

Chairperson, Management Committee of Delgany Golf Club



The intention of this handbook is to help you to understand the rules of the Club as they affect Junior Associates and to avoid misunderstandings.


Junior Associate – any person male or female aged 8 to 18 years who has been accepted for Associate Membership of Delgany Golf Club.


The Club Constitution is the sole document that governs the rules of the Club.  This governs all membership categories. Formal disciplinary procedures are set out in the Club’s Constitution which is available from the Office.

The Junior Associates Handbook interprets the Constitution but does not replace it.


Familiarise yourself with the rules of golf and with etiquette that should be observed on the golf course, in the Clubhouse and in the environs of the Club.  Learn how to repair a pitchmark.

Use the BRS internet booking system and book your game of golf online (see Use of the Course).

Ensure you arrive quietly as golfers could be playing either the 1st or 18th holes which are close by.  Ensure you leave the locker room tidy after use and secure your belongings.  Do not leave valuables unattended at any time as the Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

Make sure you have entered the competition in accordance with the rules. You may use the putting green but you are asked not to monopolise it.

If you are using the practice areas (between 17th & 18th and right of 7th fairway), be careful walking there and keep an eye out for other golfers.  Remember that golfers playing on the course have priority over those practising.  Do not act in any way that would impact adversely on the enjoyment of others playing golf. 

If you use the practice area between the 17th and 18th holes remember that golf balls in play may stray your way from players on the course.  Be careful of errant shots and conscious of which ball you pick up.

When using the practice area near the clubhouse, please be conscious of players on the first tee.  You should let them tee off before you resume your practice. Be as quiet as possible as there could be players teeing off on the 3rd tee.


At all times, the rules of golf must be observed.  Be courteous to those playing with you and elsewhere on the course.  Never run or shout.  Do not litter the course.  Pick up litter you see and take pride in the course.  Shout ‘Fore’ if you feel a shot may stray near someone, give plenty of warning.

You must play the course with your own set of clubs. Golf shoes with metal spikes are prohibited.  Junior Associates must give way to adult golfers on the course except when they are playing in their own competition.

Do not move, make noise or stand close to a player when he/she is playing a shot.  Wait until the group ahead is out of range before you play a shot.

Be prepared to play your own ball rather than stand in a group watching a shot. Go to your own ball, if safe to do so while the other player is deciding what club to play. Play ready golf.  One player should tee off while the other players are marking the cards. 

Your place on the course is just behind the group in front of you rather than just ahead of the group behind you.

If you lose a hole on the group in front you must invite the group behind you through, if you are delaying them. Invite faster groups to play through.

Always leave your clubs to the side of the green nearest the next tee.  Do not knowingly stand on the line of another player’s putt.  Replace the flagstick carefully in the hole to avoid damage to the side of the cup.

All pitch marks must be properly repaired when fresh. Please use a pitch repairer at all times. Replace divots, repair tee box divots with the seeded sand provided and rake bunkers.  Please use bins, observe signs and use air-bay when exiting course.

The use of mobile phones is not permitted on the course or in most areas of the Clubhouse. You may use a mobile phone in certain designated areas of the Clubhouse and outside the Clubhouse having regard at all times to speaking quietly, especially when close to areas of the course. You may carry a switched off mobile phone on the course for emergency use in the case of an accident. Be sure to have the Clubhouse and Pro Shop numbers in your phone memory for such emergencies.


Exchange scorecards with your playing partner(s) prior to commencing play.  Fill in the scorecard at the next tee rather than on the green.  Check and sign your scorecard immediately after your game, before you enter the clubhouse.  The key data, which must be included on your scorecard, is as follows:

  1. Name   Your score at each hole             
  2. Handicap   Your signature
  3. Date   Markers signature
  4. Details of competition

USE OF THE COURSE:  A few basic rules:

  • Junior Associates must always give way to adults on the golf course, except when they are playing in their own competition. When playing in the company of an adult member the rules governing the adult member apply.
  • Junior Associates may play golf at weekends after all competitions have cleared the 3rd On Tuesdays and Wednesdays the same rule applies.
  • On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays Junior Associates may play golf provided the tee is free and no competitions/outings/club matches are in operation.
  • Casual Golf (Juniors)
    Outside of official competition days/coaching sessions the Junior Committee are not responsible for supervision of Junior Members playing casual golf.
  • It is recommended that Junior Associates check tee availability by accessing the BRS system (electronic timesheet) or check with the Professional Shop prior to play. Ideally, they should enter their names in the BRS system to book a time.
  • Juniors are allowed to invite guests who are members of a golf club.
  • Green fees must be paid prior to playing.
  • Juniors are not allowed use or drive buggies.


All Junior Associates must have a handicap.  To obtain a handicap, male Juniors shall submit three 18 hole cards or six 9 hole cards played at Delgany G.C. to the Handicap Committee.  The scores must be marked and signed by an adult playing member of Delgany G.C.  All beginners must attend group coaching sessions for Junior Associate Members before being assigned a handicap.

Female Juniors may obtain a handicap by attending coaching sessions and returning three 18 hole or six 9 hole cards on Delgany G.C. or the course of a club affiliated to the I.L.G.U in accordance with the regulations.  These cards must be returned to the Hon. Handicap Secretary, Ladies Club.


Competitions will be organised for Junior Members during the year.  Normally these take place on Thursdays in summer and mid-term breaks.  To qualify to win the Captains’ Prize to Juniors, Junior Associates must have returned at least three 18 hole Delgany Singles Competition Cards in the current year.

Female Juniors holding a CONGU handicap are eligible to play in the competitions organised by the Ladies Club.  Juniors must play with a Lady Member in all competitions but may not win the Main Prize in a Major Prize Competition. (See Notice Board for details).

Attention is drawn to the time constraints on Junior Associate Members using the Clubhouse (see relevant section in this handbook)


Our Club Professional organises individual or group coaching sessions for Junior Associates. Group sessions will also be organised by the Junior Committee. Juniors will be notified of the dates and times of coaching sessions.


Junior Associates have access to the locker rooms and shower facilities.  Under 18s are not permitted to consume alcohol on the Clubhouse premises or property.  They have access to the upstairs bar area.


To make people feel at ease and as a mark of courtesy to others a dress code is applied both on and off the course. You must dress neatly and the normal attire after golf is smart casual.

The Management Committee of Delgany Golf Club is anxious that standards of dress are maintained at a high level, both in the Clubhouse and on the Course.

To this end, it is expected that appropriate dress will be worn at all times by all categories of members and their guests.

In this regard, the following are the Club regulations:

In the Clubhouse (including balconies):

Neat casual wear is acceptable. This includes:

  1. Sports shirts with long or short sleeves (ladies may wear sleeveless with collar or collarless with sleeves), Club or other jumper with shirt or polo neck
  2. At official Club functions (including major Prize giving events) it is requested that jacket, shirt and tie or polo neck be worn by junior boys. Jacket and tie may be removed at the discretion of the Captain, Lady Captain or Officer of the Club in attendance.
  3. Not permitted: tee-shirts, jeans, caps or hats, golf shoes, runners or training shoes. Shorts are not allowed in the dining or meeting room areas.  
  4. Tailored shorts, worn with sports socks, are permitted in the bar and balconies up to 7.30 pm.
  5. Junior Associates: (a) neat dress is essential at all times (shirts may not be worn outside trousers).  Smart clean trainers/runners are acceptable. (b) at certain times and at the discretion of the Club management, an area may be set aside for use by Junior Associates when smart clean jeans, sport shirts and trainers will be acceptable but only in that specific area.

On the Course:

  1. Golf shoes must have soft spikes and no other footwear is acceptable.
    For Men: Slacks or tailored shorts, no shorter than upper knee length, may be worn with sports socks.
  2. For Ladies: Trousers, skirts, skorts or shorts no shorter than mid-thigh; no collarless shirts, sun tops, tank tops or t-shirts.
  3. Trousers should not be tucked into socks. Jeans, track or leisure suits and football jerseys are not acceptable.

Any deviation from the above should be brought to the attention of Club Management. Please note that Members are always responsible for their guests.


  1. Junior Associate Members (over 9 and under 21 years of age) may use the Ryder Cup Room up to 6.00 pm winter time and 10.00 pm summer time. They may use the Bellevue Bar on Competition days only or when in the company of an adult member up to 9.00 pm.
  2. In the interests of safety and comfort Management reserves the right to refuse entry or request children or Junior Associates to leave the Clubhouse at any time.
  3. Care and awareness of others, including golfers, must be taken when using the balconies.Anti social behaviour in the Clubhouse, on the grounds or course of Delgany Golf Club will not be tolerated.


Delgany Golf Club wishes to provide the best possible environment for all juniors involved in the sport so that they can enjoy safe sporting opportunities, free of abuse of any kind and develop to their full potential. Junior golfers will be encouraged through our junior programmes to learn how to play golf, accept their responsibilities as golfers and treat others with fairness and respect. In working with young people in golf our first priority is the welfare of the young people and we are committed to providing an environment in line with the guidelines contained in the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport and Golf’s Safeguarding Policy that will allow participants to perform to the best of their ability, free from bullying and intimidation.

Full text of the Safeguarding Policy is available on the club website.

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