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Mats at Chipping Area 1st Tee

The ground of the chipping practice area at the 1st tee box is exceptionally soft following the extensive rain we have experienced since July. To avoid damage we are in the process of installing 4 mats to enable us to keep this area open during the coming months. We will be fixing them in the ground as soon as the…

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9th Tee Progress to Date

Update on Work (12th November) We started this project , on Monday 16th October, by removing the concrete plinth and then removed all the top layer of the grass and sand. We cleared out the surrounding shrubbery around the trees off the tarmac path which really opened up the space. This all took a few days and then the weather…

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Avoid walking on the fairways

The continued wet weather, caused by 3.5 months of exceptional rain, which was a full 55% above the long-term average for the same period, has caused the course to be unusually wet and where the 'going' is soft to heavy in too many places. Delgany has experienced 136mm (or over 5 inches) of extra rain during this period and there…

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Our New Aerator has arrived

Our new John Deer pedestrian aerator has now arrived. This aerator is a pedestrian machine which is easier to operate and more efficient. We are replacing a 2007 (16-year-old) tractor mounted aerator which is obsolete at this stage, and not only slow but, more importantly, could damage the greens. In recent years, we have used a contractor to do our…

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‘Blue Post’ Buggy Path

‘Blue Post’ Buggy Path – for use on marginal weather days. Earlier in the Year we committed to marking out a buggy path for use on marginal weather days over the winter period. These are days when buggies would ordinarily not be allowed due to the soft course. This blue post buggy path is the new route designed and must…

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Update on our Greens

It was noticeable last weekend (7th/8th October) that the surface of our greens were slightly dis-improved on the recovery seen in recent weeks following aeration (hollowing coring). As part of our Autumn maintenance programme an over seeding was recommended by our agronomist in conjunction with the hollow coring (to minimise disruption). This is an expensive process that we are reintroducing…

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Art Exhibition

We are delighted to announce that the club is holding an Art exhibition from 10th to 18th November which will provide an opportunity for artists from within and outside the club to display and sell their works. We have lots of very talented artists among the membership and in the local community and are looking forward to a very interesting…

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