Course Update – 9th Tee Box

Unfortunately the wet weather continues and the Autumnal conditions have arrived much sooner than expected. It really has been such a disappointing year, weather wise. The fairway cut height has been raised to 19mm (from the summer height of 15mm) and placing in September is way earlier that we would have liked. Needs must. 9th Tee Box We are in…

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Course Report 15th Sep. 2023

What's Happening on the Course Course Volunteers The course volunteers have, as of today, completed 33 sessions since we came together way back in March. As explained at the time, the course volunteers are necessary to assist the course staff in presenting the course and the surrounds in better shape. The reality is that the course volunteers have been doing…

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Greens Aeration and Sanding

In the coming week(next Monday 9th September) we will be starting our Autumn greens maintenance programme with hollow coring and heavy sanding over a three day period. We do this work twice a year to aid drainage and improve plant health. We will begin on Sunday evening 10th with coring a small number of greens such as the putting/ chipping…

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New Course Equipment

This season has seen the arrival of some key new machinery at Delgany. These vital pieces of course machinery will replace broken or older less efficient models and will allow our course staff ensure that the course is presented in top condition for members.  FAIRWAY MOWER Delgany Dispatch 6th April, After a wait of nearly a year we finally took…

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Buggy Paths Extension Report

Course Committee Buggy path extension report to the members Background: The Course Committee understands that a cohort of members depend on buggies to play golf and are prevented from doing so on those occasions when poor weather conditions render the course too soft so as to prohibit their use. It also understands that buggy users do not expect unconstrained golf…

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Meeting re Buggy Paths

At the Joint AGM in December it was agreed that the Course Committee would engage with interested parties to take soundings on further options concerning extending our buggy path network. To this end we invite you to a meeting on Friday, 20th January at 4.30 pm in our Clubhouse. The agenda of this session is to discuss the issues of…

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Wall Works to Start behind 2nd Tee Box

The building contractor’s (Durkin Construction) representative has been in contact with the Club to discuss the upcoming works on the wall at the back of the second tee box. For those who may be unaware, we sold a small part of the land approximately 2 metres in length x 8 metres wide behind the 2nd tee box with payment being…

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Hollow Coring

Course staff will be carrying out hollow coring from 2pm on the afternoon of Sunday October 16th. As a consequence, the course will be closed that afternoon and also for the full day on Monday, October 17th.   Only 9 holes will be in play on Tuesday October 18th and Wednesday October 19th.   What is hollow coring? It’s the…

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Course Update April 2022

We started our hollow coring operation on Sunday afternoon and closed the course to complete the coring exercise on Monday. We appreciate your patience. Hollow coring is a form of aeration, defined as mechanical treatment that sustains or increases the air space within the soil profile. Whilst all areas across a course benefit from aeration, including rough, fairways, tees, collars…

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