Hole in One – Change to Bar Contribution

Most members would be aware that the club and members, through our annual subscription, are members of an AIG insurance scheme operated under the auspices of Golf Ireland. Traditionally one of the benefits under the policy was the insurer would in the case of a hole in one cover a bar tab up to the amount of €250.

A few years ago the Insurer took the decision to stop this particular cover as part of a review of the policy. At the time our Club Committee took the decision to continue the tradition and agreed that it would cover the bar receipts up to a maximum of €250 in the event of a Hole in One by a member in a competitive competition. After a year in which there were a record number of holes in ones recorded (13 to date) it has been decided that the cost to the club is too much. While still wanting to recognise the achievement, it has been agreed that for the time being the club will cover bar receipts on the day up to €100 for the member with the hole in one. At the end of the year the club will also provide certificates for any member fortunate enough to have a One on their card. Also, both AIG and HowdidIdo have monthly draws that any golfer with a hole in one can enter.

We are hoping that members will understand the need to reduce the club’s exposure and costs in these difficult times. We have checked with many of our neighbouring clubs and most of them make no financial contribution in the event of a hole in one.

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